Full end-to-end contracting on a lightweight SaaS platform

Start creating

Upload your standard Word contracts to your precedent bank. Then, use the system's lightweight tools to create a template in minutes - all without any technical knowledge or set-up fees. When you're ready to start contracting, just select the document, tailor it using the questionnaire, and you're away

Reach agreement faster

Once the contract's been generated from the questionnaire, make freestyle edits before inviting your counterparty to collaborate on the platform. No more attaching Word files to emails - amend and comment on one document version, in real-time. Oh, and the system understands adversarial negotiation, so parties only trade drafts when they're happy with all their team's changes

E-sign and access

Once you've agreed terms with your counterparty, sign the contract online using the integrated e-signature tool and securely store the document in your Avvoka account, or live-export to your own storage solution / CRM. Your counterparty will get their own account too, so there'll be no arguments over lost contracts

Start analysing

Signing isn't the end of the road for your contracts. With the live dashboard, you can extract commercial and legal data at the click of a button. Spot where standard clauses are being varied, track historic negotiation trends against counterparties in different sectors and monitor the commercial performance of different negotiators and business units. A data-driven approach to contracting smoothes contractual bottlenecks and gives you a live map of your commercial performance and legal obligations

And Avvoka is packed full of even more great features..........

Upload your existing Word file contracts straight to your online template bank

Create templates to allow users to create first drafts of your contracts in record time

Integrate with your CRM tool to assemble contracts straight from existing database information

Use questionnaires to easily bespoke your draft and collect contract info directly from your counterparties 

Collaborate and negotiate in real-time with counterparties, in one version of the document

Stop chasing and let the platform remind your counterparties of any outstanding actions

E-sign your contracts and English-law deeds on the platform as soon as you've reached agreement

Get notified of key contract milestones, like termination dates or renewal periods

Spot negotiation patterns to work out where you're seeing push-back on certain clauses in your contracts

Track clause variations across your contract portfolios, to establish where you're altering standard terms

Monitor negotiator performance by tracking where different team members land on agreed terms

Track against internal criteria to check if your contracts adhere to standard risk profiles

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