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Our mission

We started Avvoka in 2016 because lawyers were spending far too long creating similar documents, by hand. Whilst some automation tools existed, these solutions were reserved for experts that had learnt to code. Not happy with this status quo, we've made it our mission to build the world's most powerful no-code automation editor that can handle any contract, with no prior tech expertise.

Avvoka was founded by frustrated lawyers, but grown by a dedicated team of individuals who believe that contracts deserve to be created better, faster

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LogicallyDrafted - your community

We believe the document automation community stands at the forefront of the legaltech movement, tackling complex challenges and driving significant changes in organizations daily. That’s exactly why we created LogicallyDrafted.

Our community welcomes everyone, from newcomers just inserting their first input field into a contract to ten-year veterans who bring extensive coding expertise. LogicallyDrafted is a pioneering conference that unites a diverse range of voices in a dynamic, collaborative environment.

Having already hosted successful events in London and New York, we are excited to announce more gatherings across the globe in 2024. Join us to help shape the future of document automation and drafting at logicallydrafted.com.- logicallydrafted.com