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Use Avvoka as a standalone document automation tool, or integrate it into your existing stack.

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Our no-code integrations

with tools like Salesforce, Adobe Sign, and DocuSign

Our webhooks

that can be configured to layer extra steps into your workflow

Our document-generation API

to power creation from your own data

Embedding our proprietary editor

straight into your existing stack

Our No-Code Integrations

We’ve integrated a number of popular tools with Avvoka that you can configure on day one without a line of code in sight.


eSign your document using Avvoka’s built-in integrations with Adobe Sign and DocuSign


We provide a standard integration with Salesforce that can cover the end-to-end flow of customer-to-document data

Document Management System

Keep your documents in a central location by integrating directly with iManage’s document management system

Machine Learning

Automatically generate new documents from historic contracts, leveraging the power of RAVN AI to extract the data and pre-populate a new contract in Avvoka

Our Document Generation API

Integrate Avvoka with your favourite applications to create a smarter and more streamlined document creation process using our workflow-oriented web API

Drive document creation

  • Drive the creation, negotiation, e-signature, and analysis of your documents from another application
  • Once the document has been completed on the Avvoka platform, the document will then be sent back to your team
Visual document
Document automation

Minimise Friction

  • Employees can continue interacting with their existing internal systems, with the data sent directly to the Avvoka platform, avoiding rekeying, retraining and errors
  • Document recipients can then interact with a whitelabelled version of Avvoka to fill out any information they need to complete the document
Document automation

Go beyond automation

  • Extract the commercial data from completed and in-progress documents directly into your existing business-as-usual reporting tools using the Avvoka API
  • Update internal document storage tools (like SharePoint) with the finalised document and any associated metadata, aiding search and retrieval
Worked Example: Trigger the creation of an Employment Agreement directly from your existing HR systems, automatically populated with your existing data

Our Webhooks

Take advantage of our Webhooks, custom callbacks developed specifically for our non-core integrations

Leverage our webhooks to integrate with

and more…

Develop custom integrations

  • Create custom integrations using different triggers such as document states, when profiles are edited, and more. Our webhooks extend the power of our API to allow for fully customisable callbacks
  • Go beyond our core integrations to build on our existing API using webhooks to trigger different actions dependent on your individual integration needs

Your bespoke workflows

  • You can leverage this in multiple different ways, whether that is using the current document state to call a third-party API or simply expanding on our existing workflow
  • With our different webhooks you are in control of the integration steps, you can customise every aspect of your organisation’s webhooks settings down to individual templates

Complete flexibility

  • Avvoka’s webhooks give you total flexibility to define the integration steps depending on the existing tools used by your company, ensuring there are no limits to what you can achieve with Avvoka
  • Utilising our webhooks ensures a seamless workflow from end to end
Worked Example: Return a copy of your Employment Agreement to your Document Management System once it has been signed by you and your new employee

Embedding our Proprietary Editor

If you want to work directly with the Avvoka platform, you have the option to embed our live document editor into your application to give users the full end-to-end experience

Implemented Directly

  • Interact directly with our document automation tools, data analytics, and negotiation platform
  • We’ll give you bundled javascript files so that you implement it directly

Smooth User Experience

  • Embedding our editor directly into your software ensures that you can keep the look and feel of your existing software while leveraging the audit and speed benefits that real-time drafting brings
Worked Example: Negotiate Employment Agreements with prospective employees directly on your HR portal, with an embedded Avvoka editor. 

Mass Generation & Docusign on Avvoka

This tool will allow you to mass generate hundreds of transaction documents on Avvoka and then, based on the deal-specifics provided, intelligently package the documents required for each individual recipient into personalised DocuSign envelopes. It saves tens of hours per deal where there are multiple e-signature recipients!

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