Frequently asked questions

FAQs for Existing Users

I’ve forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, please click here. You’ll be prompted to insert the email address you originally signed-up for an Avvoka account with. New users requesting password resets will need to confirm their account first if they have not logged into Avvoka before.

Which email address should I use to access my account?

You must login with the email address that your document completion request was sent to. Common mistakes when logging in are trying to use the “” suffix when the original document completion request email was sent to “”.

I am still having trouble……..

After three mistaken attempts of your password, the system will lock you out of your account. This will reset after 15 minutes. If you are still experiencing password troubles, send an email to

General FAQs

It looks very simple to use, but can you handle complex documents?

Yes, clients use Avvoka to automate all types of contracts from 1 page NDAs to 250 page loan agreements.

Do you provide legal documents?

No, we do not provide legal documents and we are not a law firm. If you want to use Avvoka, you need to upload your own standard template legal documents and get contracting.

What’s the best way to try Avvoka out?

We host open demos that you can attend to see how the Avvoka platform works.

If you like what you see, we offer a range of ‘pilot’ packages to suit our clients’ needs.

How do you charge?

Our pricing model is on a license per month basis (with alternatives where necessary for the commercial viability of niche use cases).

We also offer a range of ‘pilot’ packages to suit our clients’ needs. Factors that affect the scope and size of the pilot include user numbers, and the complexity and volume of documents you’d like us to automate for you.

Contact to get a quote and further information on our pricing.

Do you offer templating assistance?

Yes, although we believe Avvoka is intuitive enough to automate documents without our help, we recognise that time is precious and you may need assistance to kickstart your automation project. Contact us here for more information on our professional service offering.

Do counterparties need to pay to negotiate a document on Avvoka?

No, when added to a document, they will receive an email with a link that will allow them to sign up for a free online Avvoka account. They will then be directed to the document that they have to negotiate on.

This looks great – can we whitelabel this for our clients?

Absolutely – we can create whitelabelled instances of the platform directly for your clients’ use, with their branding and documents pre-populated into the platform. We also have alternative pricing models to support this.

Do you offer local installations of Avvoka?

We’re primarily a cloud-delivered multi-tenant solution. However, we work with a range of customers that require single-tenant, own-cloud or own-hardware setups. Please get in touch to find out more.

Do you integrate with other software tools?

Yes, our modern API allows us to integrate with CRM tools like Salesforce, document management systems and repositories like iManage and Sharepoint and e-signature tools like DocuSign. 

We’re always looking to make workflows as streamlined as possible, so welcome any suggestions around other applications to connect with.

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