How we’re different

Take the pain out of drafting documents with

next generation document automation


Frustration-free automation

Avvoka involves no code, Microsoft Word quasi-coding, complex logic or syntax – we promise. Anyone can build automated versions of their documents using Avvoka. We’ve taken great care to design a visually intuitive, automated-document builder that anyone can use. You won’t need to engage external consultants to do the automation.

Avvoka can handle your two page NDA or your 200+ page facility agreement – your documents will be in safe hands. Intuitive software doesn’t have to mean primitive functionality

Document automation
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Live document previewing

Watch your document taking shape with your customisations as you input your bespoke information. Spot mistakes and check your document in real-time

Re-customise your document anytime

Go back and re-generate your document based on new information or commercial drivers anytime, without losing any manual changes your teams have made since the first draft

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Seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and avoid approval bottlenecks

Establish automatic notifications and requests for relevant teams, customise your document approval workflows to suit your organisation and set pre-approved default negotiation fallback positions

Negotiate live on the Avvoka platform

Other automation tools only allow users to create and export first draft documents into Microsoft Word. Avvoka lets you negotiate your documents online. There’s no need to send email attachments or run document comparisons to see what’s changed in your documents. Instead, collaborate in real-time with colleagues on a live webpage before inviting your counterparties to respond via an online link. All amendments are shown in track changes and stored for easy audit

Negotiation automation

Unlock rich data insights and understand what’s in your documents

By creating and negotiating your documents on Avvoka instead of working offline, you transform them into sources of structured data. Run instant reports on your documents. Find out your liability cap thresholds, payment obligations, interest rate terms at a glance. Discover which clauses in your documents are negotiated most and what’s becoming market-standard

How do we compare to other automation tools?

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